Caprice, the shoe brand owned by Wortmann, has opened a new factory together with Mountain Top Global, its Taiwanese partner. The project cost about $6 million and took two years. Before the construction of this factory in Yangon, in northwestern Myanmar, Caprice had produced about one million pairs of shoes in the country. Caprice plans to employ 150,000 people for its shoe production at the newly constructed factory in the years to come. The German shoe brand intends to gradually increase the number of leather shoes manufactured in Myanmar to a total of 2 million pairs by 2024. The factory complex, which covers 14,500 square meters, includes an administrative building, a large kitchen, an infirmary, recreation rooms and employee lodgings. The new factory workers are being trained by Caprice shoe technicians on site and via live conference calls from Pirmasens, Germany, to Myanmar. In total, Caprice produces 3.5 million pairs of leather shoes per year. Caprice recorded total sales of over €100 million in 2018.