Henri Hampe, joint managing director of CCC Germany, the German branch of the fast-growing Polish retailing group that belongs to the HR Group, resigned on Jan. 31, after CCC Germany’s integration into the Hamm Reno Group got under way. Hampe’s resignation was by mutual agreement. In November 2018, CCC decided to sell CCC Germany to the Hamm-Reno Group, the second-biggest footwear retailer based in Germany, in exchange for a stake in the company. At the beginning of 2019, the HR Group took over CCC Germany and its approximately 80 stores. Simultaneously, CCC acquired a 30 percent stake in the HR Group from Osnabrück. Hampe will leave the company at the end of March. Peter M. Wolf remains chief executive of CCC Germany. He is also chief executive and co-shareholder of the Hamm Reno Group. The integration of CCC Germany into the HR Group will be completed in mid-2020.