CCC, the fast-growing Polish-based shoe retail chain, continues its shopping spree. The chain made a tender offer for the shares of Gino Rossi, the struggling Polish shoe retailer, back in December, and the Polish Office for Competition and Consumer Protection has now approved the deal. The offer was for 0.55 zlotys (around €0.13) per share. Dariusz Milek, chief executive and founder of Gino Rossi, aims to get Gino Rossi back on track and to integrate it into the CCC group. The Gino Rossi brand was created in 1992 in Poland to offer shoes, accessories and leather goods for men and women in the upper price segment. Its products are manufactured mainly by a production partner located near the company's headquarters. Gino Rossi has about 80 stores worldwide. Sales have decreased in the past couple of years. In the 2017/18 financial year, which ended in September, total sales were €28.4 million.