CCC Shoe & Bags, the fast-growing Polish retailing group, had a very strong first-half. Boosted by online sales, which jumped by more than 60 percent, the group's overall revenues for the first six months of 2019 surged by 37 percent to 2,646.6 million zlotys (€620.2m-$699.1m).

Retail sales improved by 32 percent from the year-ago period to PLN 1,942.3 million (€455.2m-$513.0m). The bulk of the turnover came from the CCC banner, whose sales grew by 14 percent to PLN 1,641.7 million (€384.7m-$433.6m).

Retail sales also included PLN 32.5 million (€7.6m-$8.6m) from the web store, PLN 239.1 million (€56.0m-$63.2m) from the Swiss Karl Vögele chain, and PLN 29.0 million (€6.8m-$7.6m) from Gino Rossi, which the group acquired in May, taking a 90.02 stake. It had already made a strategic cooperation agreement with the Polish shoe company last September, allowing CCC to use the Gino Rossi brand name in some countries.

The floor area of the CCC Group's physical stores as of June 30 was 17 percent higher than at the same time in 2018, reaching 703,000 square meters.

Online sales soared by 60.3 percent to PLN 640.9 million (€150.2m-$169.3m), with the website accounting for 94 percent of the online turnover, while wholesale revenues were up by 7 percent to PLN 63.4 million (€14.9m-$16.7m).