The leading Swedish shoe retailer announced the resignation of its chairman of the board, Björn Abild, and two other board members, Anders Fors and Hans Ohlsson, after a board meeting, with effect from Dec. 11. Then, on Dec. 17, Claes Medgaard, who became chief executive of the Nilson Group in June 2018, also announced his decision to leave the company.

The Nilson group is Sweden's largest shoe retailer, operating online and through brick-and-mortar stores under several banners including Nilson, Din Sko, Radical Sports, Feet First, Skopunten and Jerns. It also manages many Ecco shops.

There has been strong speculation that the Nilson Group is changing ownership again. Abild has been unable to comment on this, but indicated that something like it will happen soon.

According to Habit, the Swedish fashion new service, Magnus Nilsson, who is active as a business manager in the company, has already bought out his sister Anita Åkesson to continue running the shoe retailing group completely on his own.

In October of last year, the shoe retailing group and its casual footwear brand, Vagabond, went their separate ways. According to Habit, the group's former CEO, Mats Nilsson, and Vagabond's creative director, Marie Nilsson Peterzén, took over 100 percent of the shares in Vagabond, while Anita Åkesson and Magnus Nilsson remained as owners of the Nilson group.

Previously, Anita Åkesson and her brothers Mats and Magnus Nilsson were joint owners of the whole group, following the departure 20 years ago of its founder, Rolf Nilsson.