Cheaney's store in Jermyn Street, London is offering customers a chance to customize a pair of handmade shoes. The so-called “1 of 1” program allows customers to choose among five shoe styles, and then to select their favorite leather, the colors of the upper, sole, laces and lining, and even the style of the eyelets. According to Cheaney, 1.2 million permutations are possible in the program. Customers have their feet measured in the store and once they have picked all their favorite options, the information reaches the Cheaney factory in Desborough, near Northampton. The production process involves more than 200 different hand operations, after which the finished shoes are made available for collection at the store in Jermyn Street. Customization takes between six and eight weeks. Customers can also offer a pair of customized shoes as a gift through a “1 of 1” gift voucher, which costs £695 (€812-$862) per pair and allows the person who receives it to make all the choices.