Christian Louboutin has been awarded damages by the Delhi High Court in a case for infringement of trademark of its famous red sole by Kamal Family Footwear and Adra Steps, two dealers in women's footwear in Delhi. Louboutin had found Kamal and Adra Steps using its signature design “red sole” in footwear they marketed, and had approached the Delhi High Court seeking prohibitory injunction and damages. The distribution of Louboutin's red sole shoes is limited to an authorized distribution network, including high-end department stores and more than 120 Christian Louboutin shops around the world, including India, where the French designer has two stores. Justice Mukta Gupta observed that the plaintiff's trademark is internationally recognizable and has extensive usage in India. The court has issued a permanent injunction for the defendants from manufacturing, selling, marketing and advertising footwear with the trademark “Red Sole,” and has established damages of the equivalent of around €130,000.