Christian Louboutin is releasing an assortment of nail polish, the first products in his newly-minted beauty line. Early in his career, the French designer famously grabbed some nail polish from an assistant and painted the sole of a shoe he was working on to make it more vibrant. And thus, his signature, the iconic red under-part of the shoe, was born. Rouge Louboutin, the first of his signature nail polish, has been launched in a concession shop at the brand's flagship store along Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, and at the 15 Louboutin stores in the U.S. The launch was accompanied by a minute-long TV commercial signed by David Lynch. The signature nail polish is priced at $50 a bottle. Rouge Louboutin was inspired by the Ballerina Ultima, the tallest heel the designer has ever created. The full nail polish range, which will come out on Aug. 31, will include 30 colors in the three different categories of Pops, Nudes and Noirs. The Rouge enamel line is also being launched in Europe in early August, while the rest of the line will come the month after. In other countries the launch will follow the same pattern, with Rouge Louboutin launching first, followed by the rest of the shades.