CLARIFICATION: W.L. Gore was not quite happy with our coverage in the last edition of Shoe Intelligence of its legal issues with Geox. Gore emphasizes that there has been no court judgment that would indicate infringement of any valid patent of Geox by Gore concerning Gore-Tex footwear with Surround technology. Gore initiated a lawsuit in the U.K. to clarify the patent situation regarding two alternative shoe constructions for Gore-Tex footwear, one using direct injection and the other with cementing. According to the company, the British court ruled that the direct injection method would not infringe on Geox’ patents, but it did not rule in one way or the other regarding the cementing method. Thus, Gore feels free to operate with shoes made with a liner injection construction. While the British case is closed, court cases are still pending between the two parties in Italy. Initiated by both of them, they are likely to take some time to come to a final determination. There is no case currently pending in Germany, where Gore obtained a preliminary injunction against Geox about a warning it sent out to local retailers, as reported in the last issue. There has been no further action or appeal in Germany.