Collaborating with three emerging designers – Helen Kirkum, Alex Nash and Shun Hirose – to reimagine its Campus 80 sneaker as part of its MakerLab program, Adidas launched a limited edition of the products through an interesting and engaging auction, where the consumer rather than the brand set the price. For Adidas, this particular MakerLab project was the first to arrive directly from the designers to the market through an “IPO” on StockX, the international sneaker resale platform. “IPO” in this case stood for Initial Product Offering. As part of this innovative retail scheme, Adidas invited the three designers to re-create the Campus sneaker in 10 days at its own head office and to supervise their production in Vietnam. A limited edition of 330 pairs was then directly released onto StockX' online platform, inviting customers to blind-bid for the shoes over the course of three days. The Adidas link-up saw more than 10,000 bids, with an average clearing price of $200. About 80 percent of them came from the U.S. and 20 percent from other parts of the world, reported.