Collonil, the German supplier of shoe polish, has developed its first sneaker in cooperation with Hikmet Sugoer, sneaker pioneer and designer as well as collector of more than 800 pairs of sneakers. Sugoer created the Solebox chain of sneaker stores, which he sold to Snipes at the end of 2015. He also created his own shoe label of handmade sneakers, called Sonra, only one year later. The sneakers, which are made in Southern Germany and limited to 300 pairs, are sold for €270 apiece to selected retailers in Europe as well as online. His models are sold out in seconds. Together with Collonil, Sugoer will launch a new sneaker model at the “SchuHS” sneaker community event to be held in Berlin on Jan. 19. The event, supported by Collonil, was created by Hikmet Sugoer and is being held for the first time this year. The new sneaker developed jointly by Sugoer and Collonil is also a limited edition and comes with a shoe-protection spray.