Cleto Sagripanti, the former president of the Italian shoe industry association (Assocalzaturifici) and the Confederation of the European Footwear Industry (CEC), has set up his own consultancy following the liquidation of his shoe company near Venice, called Be71. Using his contacts with thousands of buyers, shoe designers and agents/distributors, he wants to help companies to build their shoe collections and expand their international sales.

Sagripanti and Be71 have been apparently the victims of a chain of events related to their licensing business. They had positioned the licensed N°21 brand of footwear in over 85 countries and managed the complete brand business: designing, production and distribution until 2018. In 2018 during contract renewal the company N21 decided to handle the distribution internally, which caused a very quick reorganization of Be71’s operations. The company had been able to generate annual sales of up to €9 million with the N°21 footwear line alone, but the owners of the Italian apparel brand, founded by Alessandro Dell’Acqua in 2010, declined to extend the contract.

The same happened with Carven after it was acquired by a Chinese company at the end of 2018 and with Delpozo after the Spanish brand was sold to a producer of fragrances last September. After its sale of Kallisté in 2018, the only remaining asset of Be71 was its own Alberto Fermani brand of footwear, which is now for sale.

Sagripanti was one of the shareholders in Manas, a shoe company in the Marche region, and ran it until 2014, before a merger with another company owned by the same family, Alfiere. He then entered a partnership to manage and develop Alberto Fermani and other small Italian brands, called Italia Holding Moda. He served as president of the former Anci, now called Assocalzaturific, for four years until 2015, and then as president of CEC for the subsequent four years until March 2019.