The Italian footwear group Falc has bought Candice Cooper, a brand of luxury sneakers manufactured in Italy, from Swiss-based Candice Cooper AG. Despite the takeover, the autumn/winter collection will continue to be distributed by the former owner. Falc will manage the spring/summer 2021 collection, which will offer a larger women’s collection and new lines of sneakers for men and children.

Created in 1974, Falc has five brands. The Falcotto label caters to children from the age of ten months to three years, while Naturino is for older kids. The company also has three adult brands: Voile Blanche, W6YZ, and Flower Mountain. Voile Blanche and W6YZ offer men’s and women’s shoes as well as a line for children. Flower Mountain is only for adults and is designed in collaboration with Keisuke Ota of Japan.

Falc’s main business has been children’s shoe and its strategy is to expand its presence in adult footwear, and to further expand abroad. Germany, which is already its main export market, is one of the markets it plans to develop. Falc works with 3,000 multibrand stores worldwide.