Heinrich Dinkelacker, the traditional brand of high-end men’s shoes, has left Budapest for good, after relocating production to Almansa, Spain last year. 

The gradual move from Hungary to Spain began two years ago. The company said that the relocation was due to personnel and infrastructure problems in Budapest which severely hampered production. 

Since its founding, Dinkelacker has sought out local expertise as key to success. From its creation in 1879 in the town of Sindelfingen, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg - not only a renowned hand weaving center, but also home to some of the best shoemakers in Germany - to the relocation of production to Budapest in the 1960s, which back then “was already considered the world capital of shoemaking craftsmanship, whereas the sophisticated shoemaker’s guild in Germany was hindered by a lack of new recruits,” according to the company. Production continued in the Hungarian capital for nearly 60 years, “until the loss of traditional craftsmanship began to make itself felt here too from the middle of the 2010s onwards”.

At the end of 2016, Dinkelacker was taken over by the online start-up Shoepassion, resulting in the merger of one of the oldest with one of the youngest shoe brands in Germany. 

The acquisition also provided a bridge to a new relocation, as since 2009 Shoepassion’s welted shoe collections had been produced in Almansa, in the Castile-La Mancha region. 

The Spanish town boasts a history in shoe manufacturing that dates back to the 16th century, with as many as 200 small shoemakers already settled in Almansa and surroundings in the late 18th century. “Many families in Almansa have been linked to the shoemaking trade for many generations. In addition to outstanding skills, a perfect shoe infrastructure has developed here that is unique in Europe”, according to the company. 

During the two-year transition period, particular care was taken to ensure that quality and style standards were met. 

As a result, new developments that were previously not possible in Hungary are now feasible in Spain. The spring 2021 collection starts with a Chelsea boot, the first in the company’s history. 

Dinkelacker’s headquarters are currently located in Bietigheim-Bissingen, in Baden-Württemberg.