Joya Shoes announced a collaboration with Ikea on April 1. According to the Swiss footwear company, it plans to transform used Ikea bags into shoes, called ”Ikea Billy,” so that employees and customers can move comfortably through the endlessly long aisles in the furniture stores. However, the announcement was only a marketing gag and the model was specially designed as an April Fool’s joke. Joya was surprised by the extensive and viral attention, as even individual orders were placed until it became known that it was only a joke. The Swiss shoe manufacturer said that the collaboration with Ikea was a result of an Ikea competition that called on innovative companies to think about how to give the blue Ikea bags a second life. Inspired by all the positive reactions online, Joya is now examining the possibility of including a special edition of two models made with used Ikea carrier bags in its upcoming shoe collection.