Prada has launched a gradual reopening in Italy of its prototyping and sample-making departments, which are essential for developing its forthcoming footwear, leathergoods and apparel collections. It is also introducing serological testing of all employees.

On April 20, the Italian fashion house partially reopened its industrial sites in Tuscany and recalled around 300 employees to its facilities in Arezzo.

Prada then partially reopened factories in the Umbria, Marche and Veneto regions, followed lastly by the collection and sample-making workshops in the Milan headquarters.

The return to work has been accompanied by the implementation of ”meticulous precautions” to safeguard the health of employees from Covid-19 infection.

In addition to measures such as taking the temperature of employees and providing them with personal protective equipment, the company claims to be the first Italian firm to introduce a safety protocol that involves the double screening of employees, in a collaboration already agreed with Careggi hospital in Florence.

This procedure will be applied at the Tuscan sites that are currently operational, and will later be extended to all sites in the other Italian regions.

According to the terms of that collaboration, a team of specialist nurses in dedicated rooms will carry out serological testing on all employees, a process that began on April 28. Those testing positive will also receive a viral test, again conducted on the premises. The company’s entire workforce will receive serological testing on a monthly basis, with no end date currently set for the screening program.