Corpus-E, a German company that belongs to the Massen group, will present a foot scanner at the SIMAC show in Bologna next week that is based on the findings of the big EuroShoe project for the development of production of semi-customized shoes. It’s one of the first concrete result of the project, which has been financed by the European Union. Other implementations are expected to follow soon – not necessarily from among the 34 initial partners in the €17 million project. One of the participants, Lloyd, has adapted some aspects of the process. Sergio Dulio, who ran the project, is now coordinating a more far-reaching €20 million 4-year research program, called CEC-made Shoes and involving 54 firms, that promotes innovation also in raw materials and components. Dulio, who has spent 20 years in the footwear industry, is acting only as a consultant to ITIA-CNR, the Italian publicly owned test center in Vigevano that has implemented EuroShoe’s pilot manufacturing project. He has been replaced at the head of the center by Emanuele Carpanzano, a scientist who was appointed as Dulio’s deputy three years ago.