Allbirds, the B Corporation certified Californian brand of footwear and apparel, has announced 10 sustainability commitments to be achieved by 2025. The objectives come under three categories: regenerative agriculture, renewable materials and responsible energy use.

The two regenerative agriculture pledges are that all wool will come from regenerative sources and that all of the brand’s on-farm emissions from wool will be reduced or sequestered.

The four commitments involving renewable materials are that 75 percent of materials used in Allbirds products will be sustainably sourced natural or recycled materials; the brand will reduce the carbon footprint of its raw materials by 25 percent; total raw materials will be cut by 25 percent and the brand will double the lifetime of its footwear and apparel products. 

Regarding energy usage, Allbirds plans to source only renewable energy for owned and operated facilities as well as for tier 1 manufacturing partners; achieve more than 95 percent of ocean shipping and to convince all customers to wash with cold water and half of them to hang-dry Allbirds apparel.

The company also has two carbon footprint targets for 2025 and 2030.

By 2025, Allbirds aims to halve its per-unit carbon footprint, fully inclusive of scope 1-3 emissions, including emissions from customer use and end of life. The target rises to a near-zero per-unit carbon footprint by 2030. 

By 2030, the company expects to achieve a 42 percent reduction in its absolute emissions against a 2020 baseline.

Allbirds has set up an incentive structure that includes linking management bonuses to its carbon goals, as well as a sustainability advisory board composed of external experts to monitor its progress in meeting its targets.