A few years ago, Ecco introduced DriTan, a new tanning process that leads to significant improvements in all relevant parameters such as water and energy, chemicals, wastewater and sludge. This innovation has already earned the Danish footwear brand the SOG Award Winter 2019/20 in the technology category. While the first version of DriTan had already challenged traditional thinking in the tanning industry, Ecco is now able to reduce the use of chemicals and thus the build-up of solid waste on a larger scale while using less energy. This second stage, DriTan 2.0, allows the brand “to appreciate the value of the world’s pristine natural resources and apply only what is absolutely necessary to produce premium quality leather.”

According to CEO Steen Borgholm, the work on completely water-free tanning is just one of several projects at Ecco to reduce its climate footprint and challenge the industry to work in a more sustainable way. The team behind DriTan and other leather innovations spans multiple organizations, diverse disciplines such as science, craftsmanship and tradition, and geographic areas, he explained. DriTan 2.0 has already been fully implemented at Ecco’s tannery in Indonesia, and the company is now in the process of rolling it out to its other locations.