Legero United, the Austrian-based footwear group that markets brands such as Legero, Superfit, Vios and Think, was awarded the highest certification by the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Management (ÖGNI). The company’s new headquarters in Feldkirchen, named the Legero United Campus, have a low CO2 footprint - around 28 percent lower than a standard modern building, which corresponds to savings of around 48 tonnes of CO2 per year. 

The jury was also favorably impressed with the building’s architectural quality and resource-efficient construction. For instance, a geothermal system is used for both heating and cooling the premises, while the use of mainly local building materials and wood from sustainable forestry helps protect the environment. 

The 8,500-square-meter building complex in Feldkirchen, near Graz, was completed in December 2019, with an investment of about €30 million. The new headquarters opened at the beginning of this year and about 350 employees moved into one building. In June, Legero also opened its biggest store (1,200 square meters) at the site. 

In March 2020, Legero United started an online platform featuring a B2B online store for retailers of its Superfit, Legero and Vios shoe brands. 

Legero was established in 1872 by the Stolitzka family, who are still the majority shareholders. Ara, owner of the Lloyd shoe brand, holds a 49.9 percent share in the company. Legero has 1,300 employees and runs production sites in Hungary, Romania and India. It recorded total sales of €190 million in 2018, when it sold about six million pairs of shoes.