The Italian producer of outdoor footwear Scarpa has announced the Green Manifesto, comprehensive strategy that summarizes the company’s pledge and initiatives for sustainability.

The spirit of the manifesto revolves around five principles that start with the letters that compose the name of the company:

  • S for sustainability;
  • C for care;
  • A for air;
  • R for respect;
  • P for performance;
  • A for authentic.

The new manifesto is meant to represent a new phase in which sustainability “takes on an even more central role,” the company explained, and becomes the leading criterion to measure what the company does. Scarpa has set up a group of 16 “sustainability ambassadors” across every department, who can provide other staff members with advice on sustainability. In addition, an internal training program has been organized that gives each staff member the tools and knowledge to actively contribute to Scarpa’s sustainable strategy.

Made in Italy also has a key role in the company’s strategy, as 100 percent of its mountaineering range is manufactured in its factory in Asolo, in the Veneto region, next to the company’s headquarters and warehouse – thereby minimizing the impact of logistics. More than half of the company production is carried out entirely in Italy. The company owns 85 percent of its factories, hence it has direct control over the social and environmental practices used in production.

Regarding the production chain, 90 percent of manufacturing and the materials that the company uses are created in Europe, under strict regulatory criteria. Furthermore, photovoltaic systems have been installed on the company’s buildings that produce around 400,000kWh of energy, equivalent to savings of 320 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Finally, as part of its enhanced sustainability commitment, Scarpa has begun the process to obtain B Corp certification, which measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance.