Vibram has presented the new digital “Repair if you care” campaign to encourage consumers to have their shoes resoled and avoid waste.

The campaign focuses on the concept of reuse and repair as a sustainable approach. It also aims to reintroduce people to the fact that repair is a valuable way to reduce waste and a conscious choice for sustainability.

Therefore, Vibram invites everyone to extend the life of her or his shoes and actively reduce the impact on the environment. “Because even a small contribution from each individual makes a big difference overall. Every shoe can be resoled, from the most fashionable fashion item to a purely casual or sports shoe,” the brand says.

The project will run with a series of digital activations on all of Vibram’s social media channels, as well as on the Vibram homepage. The project will also support and give greater visibility to footwear repair shops, with the aim of rekindling consumer interest in the world of this particular craft. To achieve this, the search function for local shoe workshops on the Vibram website will be updated to make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they are looking for.