Deckers Outdoor Corporation has dispatched its chief operating officer, Zohar Ziv, to the U.K. on a mission to restructure its European management and operations. The move follows the resignation of the company's former European director, Evan Mason, who is returning to his native South Africa, and David Ward, the former managing director of its new U.K. subsidiary.

Deckers is also looking for a new international director following a change of positions for Colin Clark, who switched last week from the role of senior vice president of international to senior vice president of emerging brands. Clark, who has been in charge of international sales since 2005, will be primarily seeking to expand the presence in the U.S. and overseas of Simple and of three other small brands that recently joined Deckers' portfolio: Ahnu, Tsubo and Mozo. Clark previously worked at Rockport in the U.K. and the U.S. together with Angel Martinez, the current chief executive of Deckers.