There is an unconfirmed report in the German press that Deichmann is acquiring a stake in Snipes, the leading German retailer of sneakers and other sports-fashion-oriented shoe styles. For some reasons, however, executives of both companies declined to make any comments on this or on anything else beyond a concise statement by Snipes announcing a “strategic partnership” for the Swiss market with Ochsner Sport, the big Swiss sporting goods retail chain owned by Deichmann in Switzerland.

Based in Cologne, Snipes already operates on the German market with 37 stores and on the Austrian market with four stores. Ochsner Sport is the leading Swiss retailer of sporting goods with 82 stores run under that name in the country, plus nine Sports Lab units. It recently signed a licensing agreement with Fila for a large number of European countries.

Noting that the Snipes store concept can be easily rolled out in other countries, Sven Voth, chief executive of the brand, said it had picked up Ochsner Sport as the ideal partner in the areas of organization, logistics and finance, but he did not want to say whether this type of cooperation would be restricted to the Swiss market.

Snipes said that it will remain independent in terms of the development of the collection, brand management and its own retail stores. Founded in 1988, the company has about 500 employees. Its turnover remains a closely guarded secret.