Alberto Del Biondi, the Italian fashion design center named after its director, presented to the students of a master's degree course in the design of accessories in Milan a new projects that it is working on that applies medical technology to footwear design. The new concept uses wearable technology to integrate a magneto-therapy device into shoes that is supposed to offer “wellness therapy” for the foot.

The benefits of magnetic therapy have been known and used since ancient Egypt, and today it is used in hospitals for the cure of various conditions including, for example, osteoporosis, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Del Biondi's innovative idea lies in the design of a bio-magnetic shoe in which fashion converges with technology to help prevent and cure foot-health problems, in particular those connected with diabetes. In addition, the solution Del Biondi is working on is interactive and thanks to the use of an app and a mobile phone, it is possible to design personalized medical programs.

The Master in Accessories Design is organized by Alberto Del Biondi in collaboration with Domus Academy. The master's program welcomes students from a range of countries as diverse as Thailand, South Korea, France, India, China, Taiwan, Taipei and others.