Diego and Andrea Della Valle, the two brothers who control Tod’s and who made a bid to take over Church’s a few years ago, have further diversified their investment portfolio by acquiring a 29.248 percent stake in Marcolin, one of the leading Italian eyewear companies. They each paid €5,114,000 or €0.925 a share for a 12.184 percent interest in the company, which is about to lose the juicy Dolce & Gabbana eyewear license to Luxottica. The Marcolin family thus sees its direct and indirect shareholding decline to the same level as that of the Della Valle family, i.e. 29.248 percent. The balance of 46.384 percent continues to trade on the Milan Bourse. Cirillo and Maurizio Marcolin, the two twins who run the company, have publicly welcomed the arrival of two leading entrepreneurs who have shown their skills in the manufacturing and marketing of other types of luxury accessories (more on this in EyeWear Intelligence).