Last year, Dosenbach-Ochsner, Switzerland's leading shoe and sporting goods retailer, lifted its sales by 5.6 percent to 966 million Swiss francs (€934.7m-$1,019.9m) The number of pairs of shoes sold increased by about 400,000 to 13.5 million. The Swiss subsidiary of Deichmann emphasized that it managed to extend its leading role for each of its banners: Dosenbach, Ochsner Shoes and Ochsner Sport.

In spite of the growing turnover, the total number of stores actually decreased slightly to 382 from 388 in 2013. The staff increased to 4,359 up from 4,124. As general factors for the healthy growth, the retailer mentioned investments in the quality of the staff. In return, the group had - very much like the other market players - to struggle with a rainy summer, generally sinking price levels and the ongoing trend of Swiss consumers to buy in the neighboring euro zone.

The Dosenbach banner, which concentrates on non-athletic footwear, lifted its sales to CHF 379 million (€366.8m-$400.2m) from CHF 363 million in the previous year. Very much in line with the entire group, the number of points of sales slipped to 207 from 210, but the staff grew to 1,771 persons from 1,679. The volume of shoes sold went up to 9.8 million pairs from 9.6 million. The success came partly from an integrated concept called Dosenbach+Sport, which generated sales of 3.5 million sporting items worth CHF 123 million (€119.0m-$129.9m) up from CHF 110 million in 2013.

Ochsner Shoes, in contrast, saw the number of employees dropping slightly to 651 from 663 in the prior year, as the number of Ochsner shoe stores slipped to 76, down from 78. Nonetheless, sales grew by CHF 6 million (€5.8m-$6.3m) to CHF 144 million (€139.4m-$152.1m).

Ochsner Sport, the group's sporting goods chain, saw its turnover growing by about 7 percent to CHF 442 million (€427.9m-$467.0m). The number of stores remained stable at 99, one fewer than in 2013. The staff grew to 1,716 from 1,564. Positive factors for the sporting goods retail banner were apparently Ochsner's investments in marketing around the Winter Olympic Games and the football World Cup. While spring sales were fueled by excellent weather conditions, the summer was unfavorable and so was the late start of the winter season.

Both Ochsner Sport and Dosenbach managed to double their online sales, though no absolute figures were given. Ochsner Shoes launched its own online and multi-channel offer only at the beginning of this year. By the middle of 2015, the group will implement its home delivery system, called “Ship2home,” at all points of sales.