Dr. Martens' German distributor, Bondi Marketing, opened a new mono-brand store in Cologne in August this year. The German distributor also manages two mono-brand stores in Hamburg and Berlin. Further stores in Germany are planned for 2014, but these might be owned and managed in cooperation with Dr. Martens. Bondi Marketing also takes care of the Swiss and Austrian markets, where mono-brand stores are planned in Salzburg and Vienna. The number of clients in Germany increased by 30 percent from 2012 to 2013. Due to these developments, Bondi Marketing plans to either expand its current warehouse or most probably build a new one, which would be used exclusively for Dr. Martens' shoe collections. The number of sales representatives in the German-speaking markets has been raised from three to six. Three sales reps will be working for Dr. Martens and the other three exclusively for Dickies, which is also distributed by Bondi in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.