Kavat, the Swedish family-owned company based in the shoe-making town of Kumla, is closing down its traditional showrooms in Düsseldorf, Oslo and Gothenburg as it intends to rely on a new B2B platform, scheduled to come on stream in August, and using flagship stores as showrooms and meeting places with clients.

The company highlighted that it had planned to further the digitalization of its business in the coming years but that the Covid-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst. “We have been planning this for the long-term future, however, Covid-19 accelerated things,” the company wrote on its LinkedIn page.

The B2B platform will provide a one-stop solution for pre-orders and re-orders as well as acting as a content hub, providing information about the company, the materials used and the production processes.

The company’s shoes are sold in over 20 countries. It claims that 400,000 pairs are sold annually under the Kavat trademark, most of them being manufactured in its own factory in Travnik, Bosnia Herzegovina.