The American clothing brand Pacific Sunwear of California (PacSun) has entered the sneaker resale market with the initiative PS Reserve.

The service was launched on July 5 and is accessible through PacSun’s website. It offers a mix of sneakers, clothing and accessories from leading brands including Nike, Adidas and Supreme.

”The resell market has really changed the footwear industry, and we had been thinking about how to best participate in that evolution through our own lens in an elevated and authentic way,” said Richard Cox, vice president of men’s merchandising at PacSun.

Michael “Miki” Guerra, the founder and owner of the Californian retailer The Magnolia Park, also known as Mag Park, will assist PacSun in the reselling and authentication of products. 

“We constantly would see an outfit from PacSun and then completed with footwear or accessories from Mag Park. The introduction of PS Reserve will now eliminate the need to go somewhere else to get the complete outfit,” explained Guerra.

PS Reserve products are part of PacSun’s in-house inventory, which enables to speed up the fulfilment of orders.