From April 20, stores of up to 800 square meters were allowed to reopen in most German states. Schuhe24, a German-based online marketplace for independent shoe retailers, is supporting its affiliates with a starter kit. First of all, retailers will receive face masks free of charge. The German online marketplace has also launched a digital shop window. In the past seven months, videos were produced to attract end consumers to buy shoes in the stores. Each retailer is can show their products, videos and photos, making them more visible on Google. The first 300 digital shop windows will be launched this week, the next in the following couple of weeks. The same will happen for affiliated retailers of Outfits24 and Taschen24, the online marketplaces for independent apparel and handbag retailers that are also managed by the Schuhe24 group. Affiliated retailers can then connect their digital shop windows with their social media accounts and their websites. The Schuhe24 group aims to expand its online reach from next week, for example by connecting retailers to channels outside Germany. Last but not least, Schuhe24 has selected 103 stores in Germany, which will transmit all sales data this week and for the first time the group will carry out a statistical survey.