Placing its bet on sustainable fashion and the circular economy, the shoe brand Duuo – based like Munich in Barcelona – has released Fenix, a model that is entirely free of leather. In fact, according to the company, it is free of animal products altogether and is produced in factories that have pledged to abide by ethical labor practices.

To replace the banished materials, Duuo has opted to make its new model out of ocean plastic: in other words, the PET of plastic bottles recovered from the ocean. Other major brands such as Adidas have lately been turning to ocean plastic as a raw material for the production of sneaker production. As it turns out, recycled PET can result in lightweight, breatheable shoes.

For now, the Fenix is being sold through an interesting crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter called “Empathy Revolution.” On the web page, Duuo announces that its “goal is to become a 100% vegan brand” and that its shoes will aim to be vegan and sustainable “without sacrificing top-class design.” As with all Kickstarter projects, “Empathy Revolution” will be funded only if it hits its funding target by a deadline: in this case, June 14. The campaign was launched on April 30.

On Kickstarter, the company has developed a number of “packs,” with tote bags and stickers, and is pricing the Fenix with a sliding discount rate, such that the price per pair goes down as the number of pairs ordered goes up. The shoes will hit the market at an estimated retail price of €99 after the Kickstarter campaign.