After more than 12 years on the market, SHOE INTELLIGENCE remains the only pan-European business publication, delivering at least 25 issues a year to its subscribers, full of exclusive facts and figures in the international language of business, with no pictures and no advertising.

After a survey of its readers, EDM Publications, publisher of SHOE INTELLIGENCE and other international business newsletters for decision-makers, has now decided to adopt a more modern format, starting today - one for the printed edition and another for the electonic edition.

In the printed edition, which can also be used to print out a pdf file, the main stories are set in a new typeface on three columns, like on the pages of a daily newspaper, to allow you to read the newsletter more quickly,. The summary on the front page gives you now the number of the page for each major article. Further down, the News Briefs and Short Stops are arranged on two columns, in separate sections for different topics.

In addition to this format, which is meant for a printed version, we are offering subscribers a new version on a single column for reading on the screen of a computer or a smartphone. The contents are the same, although the number of the pages is higher. Readers can just scroll down through them, and they can access the main articles by clicking on the titles on the front page. Subscribers to the e-mail edition can download this e-newsletter through a hyperlink in the same e-mail.

Very soon, subscribers will get a special password to access our new online archives. Like other services and benefits, there will be no extra cost, but the regular subscription fee is going up a little. We kept prices the same for more than three years due to the financial crisis, in spite of cost increases and a growing amount of information collected by our reporters all over Europe and the rest the world.

As usual, SHOE INTELLIGENCE is reserved for paying subscribers, as we are only supported by subscriptions and the revenues from our special reports.

We are applying the same dual reading format and offering new online archives also to the readers of the European edition of SPORTING GOODS INTELLIGENCE, which covers athletic footwear and other types of products sold to sporting goods retailers.