ENK International, the owner of the WSA Show, has named Thomas Nastos to be its new president. He has been on the board since 2007, and was most recently the president and chief executive of Endurance LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of denim and fashion brands. The company is still looking for a replacement for Diane Stone, former chief operating officer of WSA, who left in March. In the last few weeks three more people have left the team of Collections at WSA: Leslie Gallin, director; Sharon Leigh, sales executive for handbags and jewelry; and Belinda Tina, coordinator for Collections at WSA and Sole Commerce. Gallin is the new vice president for footwear at the Magic trade show. She has been replaced by Maria Carvalho, who formerly was in charge of Sole Commerce. The next WSA Show, to be held in Las Vegas from July 31 to Aug. 2, will feature among things many seminars covering topics such as how to run a successful store, future color and fashion trends, brand positioning, merchandising and starting online commerce. Seminars at the Materials at WSA show include finding suppliers, eco-friendly business and how new designers can get in the business.