Esjot Group, an offshoot of Texon International that supplies metallic safety components for footwear, claims that its latest innovation – a toe cap with aluminum alloy containing titanium - performs better than its steel-based predecessors in many ways. It can absorb more energy on impact than steel toe caps but is lighter. In addition, the toe cap is non-magnetic, so it is ideal for use within the electronic industry. It is corrosion-resistant and can be treated with a special coating to make it non-conductive. Furthermore, it can be efficiently recycled. The patented new product was launched at the recent Lineapelle fair in Bologna. Earlier, at the Asia Pacific Leather Fair, Texon launched a new collection of Strobel insole products and microfiber upper/lining materials at the recent . The new collection was manufactured in response to the increasing trend and need in the market for Strobel construction insoling. It is designed to deliver a lighter and more supportive shoe than board construction, and can be produced in thin flexible materials or thicker, more stable materials, or a combination of both.