Euro Sko Group, the Norwegian footwear buying group, recently opened an office in Stockholm whose staff is supposed to held retail members to open more shops in Sweden. In Norway, most of its members have several units each, often with differing profiles. For this purpose the group has hired two Swedish experts, one of whom was involved in store development for H&M. The group’s membership in Sweden has doubled since 2005. It currently has 98 members in Sweden and 150 in Norway. In a recent move, Euro Sko agreed to acquire a chain for four shops in Northern Sweden, with the idea that one of its retail members will take over the ownership. Meanwhile, Skokanonen, a low-priced Swedish footwear retail chain acquired by Euro Sko last year, is being introduced to Norway; four stores will open in the Fall with a new logo and store design. Conversely, Euro Sko’s Norwegian low-price retail concept, Økonomisko, will be introduced in Sweden, starting with a test store in the near future.