The French National Leather Council (Conseil National du Cuir or CNC) has re-elected Frank Boehly as its president, a position he has held since 2014. CNC is an umbrella organization for the French leather industry, grouping 21 federations or professional unions ranging from livestock farming to the distribution of finished goods.

It will be Boehly’s third mandate to run the confederation which represents 12,800 companies generating more than €25 billion in annual revenues, of which €13 billion abroad. Boehly was also re-elected as president of SIC, the confederation’s commercial arm.

His priorities for 2021-2024 are to promote “values and commitments” fostering sustainable development and responsible corporate governance. Boehly indicated that the CNC will launch in the coming weeks a study to better understand consumers’ perception and expectations regarding leather. “We also want to make it clear that leather is a recycled natural material and would like to highlight all the virtues and qualities of this wonderful material and, first and foremost, its durability.”

On Sept. 13, CNC will be holding its Sustainable Leather Forum, an initiative that was launched three years ago.