The Ariston-Nord-West-Ring (ANWR) group has appointed a new concept manager for its discount-oriented franchising subsidiary Quick Schuh

Johannes Schnütgen, an experienced manager with an in-depth knowledge of the franchise concept, takes over the post from David Mastrorilli, who will now be responsible for the business development of ANWR Schuh

In his capacity as Quick Schuh concept manager, Schnütgen will report to ANWR Schuh managing directors Heike Discher and Tobias Eichmeier. “Quick Schuh will continue to be crucial for our strategy and to act as a blueprint for new concepts”, Discher said. 

As a long-standing Quick Schuh retailer, 55-year-old Schnütgen actively followed the development of the company’s business concept. In addition, he was on the supervisory board of the formerly independent Quick Schuh GmbH & Co. for twelve years - seven of them as chairman - and was closely involved in development. Since April 2019, he has worked as a commercial advisor for ANWR Group, and since April 2020 for ANWR Schuh. 

Quick Schuh, established in 1969, was run as an independent company within the ANWR Group until its incorporation into ANWR Schuh at the beginning of 2017. 

Since then, according to the company, the key performance components were aligned to the new strategic positioning, corporate design was revised, product supply was reorganized based on different target groups and successful marketing campaigns were implemented. 

There are currently 150 Quick Schuh stores throughout Germany and Austria.