Samuel Deichmann, 27, has joined the six-member operational management team of the family-owned Deichmann group. Since Aug. 1, he is in charge of digital innovation, investments and corporate development, including parts of the physical retailing activity.

Samuel Deichmann is the fourth generation of the family involved in the German footwear company’s management. He is the son of Heinrich Deichmann, 57, the company’s chief executive.

He studied business administration and worked as a consultant for the BCG strategy consultancy in Berlin with a focus on consumer goods and marketing/sales for two years. He also worked for several months at a venture capital fund in Berlin and San Francisco, and for the fashion online retailer About You in Hamburg. Among other things, Samuel Deichmann was responsible for market entry into Slovenia and the Baltic states.

Before obtaining an operational role at the German footwear retailer, Samuel Deichmann was a member of the three-member board of the parent company chaired by his father.

The group was founded in 1913. It has some 4,000 branches and 40 online stores in 31 countries directly or through franchise partners. In 2019, sales totalled 6.5 billion euros, with 183 million pairs sold.