Laura Coppen, who has been a major contributor to H&M’s sustainability efforts for almost five years, is joining Zalando to serve as “circularity director,” charged with implementing a program to promote greater transparency among its partner brands in the area of environmental protection.

Her appointment follows a number of initiatives taken by the German-based e-tailer including the launch of a “Greenhouse digital showroom” for eco-responsible labels and designers, and the publication a few days ago of its first CSR audit, carried out on more than 250 labels sold on its websites. It also published a full list of Tier 1 private label suppliers on its main website and in the Open Apparel Registry.

At H&M, a fashion retail chain that associates itself with sustainability, Coppen developed and ran for 15 months a “Creative Lab” that promoted sustainable innovations in the creative process. Then, in May 2017, she was promoted to team leader for circular business development, a position that she held until the end of November.

While taking its cues from the principles of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to verify the sustainability of the suppliers’ products based on the Higg BRM index, Zalando has pledged to work by 2023 only with partners that abide by certain ethical standards.