Expo Riva Schuh held its own last month, having drawn 12,513 visitors, down very slightly from 12,628 one year earlier. The big event for the mass market in the Italian town of Riva del Garda featured 1,230 exhibitors displaying their wares on 32,000 square meters of space.

Italy was represented with 344 exhibitors, while 886 came from abroad. Four countries – Luxembourg, Russia, Slovakia and Ethiopia – were represented in the booths for the first time at this edition. There was a notable presence from China, with 270 exhibitors, as well as India, with 129.

The organizers have also started analyzing online registrations to get a better feel for visitors and exhibitors. In its initial phase, the data so far indicate that 45 percent of people who registered online participate for more than two days of the fair, which for this edition ran from Jan. 14 to 17. Ten percent stayed for the whole event.

Attendees are largely loyal to the fair, with 78 percent reporting that they go to both Expo Riva Schuh events each year, but 19 percent said they had never been there before.

Forty-four percent of the visitors said they were interested in the accessories sector, and this is encouraging the fair organizers, who are working on a new event dedicated to accessories.

The next Expo Riva Schuh will take place in June, followed by Expo Riva Schuh India in July.