Falc is launching a new label, Tu & Io by Naturino (You & I by Naturino), for children and their mothers. The company has launched a spring/summer 2019 collection of customizable children's shoes – largely sneakers – under its Naturino brand name and will be accompanying it in the next season with a collection of coordinated T-shirts and other clothing items aimed both at children aged 2 to 14 and at their mothers. Shown at the recent Micam fair, it will consist of about 50 items, focusing on glamourous sportswear. The customized sneakers have been sold through Naturino's website, select wholesale clients and the group's two stores in Milan and Paris. The delivery time for the customized shoes is about ten days.

On the other hand, the Italian group plans to develop a network of Naturino shop-in-shops in various countries, while giving more visibility to its footwear brands for adults, led by Voile Blanche.

The Naturino store in Milan is due to move to a larger location to host apparel and accessories as well. The existing location will be transformed into a Voile Blanche shop that should open its doors in June 2020. Meanwhile, the Naturino store on Paris's rue du Dragon has been changed into a Voile Blanche shop, which was inaugurated a few daus ago.

Company officials pointed out that Voile Blanche, a brand of trendy sneakers that has been in Falc's portfolio for a long time, is enjoying strong growth, particularly in France and Russia. Reportedly, Voile Blanche generate sales of €12 million last year with sales to about 500 multi-brand stores, half of them in Italy.

There is also strong demand in the market for Falc's two other, more recent brands of sneakers. Created in 1974, Falc has five brands. The Falcotto label caters to children from the age of ten months to three years. Naturino is for older kids, offering sizes from 19 to 40. The company also has three adult brands: Voile Blanche, W6YZ, and Flower Mountain. Voile Blanche and W6YZ offer men's and women's shoes as well as a line for children. Flower Mountain is only for adults and is designed in collaboration with Keisuke Ota of Japan, who works for other companies as well.

Falc still generates more than half its revenues from children's footwear but has plans to expand further in adult footwear, which is benefiting from a positive growth trend along with the group's online business. In this way, Falc is upgrading its U.S. subsidiary, which initially only managed kids' footwear, to serve adults as well. Other significant markets on which Falc is focusing to expand in adult footwear are Germany, China and Russia. Falc already has a strong presence in China, where it has a subsidiary and about 60 Naturino shop-in-shops managed by its local distributor.

Falc works with 3,000 multibrand stores worldwide. One-third of these are in Italy, which represented about 40 percent of its turnover of €56 million in 2018. Sales were stable last year and rose abroad, lifting the overall top line by a single percentage point, and the new initiatives should help keep up the momentum. Germany is the main foreign market for both kids' and adult footwear.