Footasylum has signed up to Claims Detect Online (CDO), a new tool to help tackle the issue of suspicious refund claims in the U.K. The tool has been developed by National Business Crime Solution (NBCS), a non-profit initiative. Retailers are being targeted by an increasing number of suspicious refunds or “re-orders,” which need processing even when they seem fraudulent. Without tools to verify the legitimacy of the claim, retailers are not confident enough to refuse the refund, which is a customer’s right. According to NBCS, online retailers lose more than £400 million (€480.4m-$521.7m) as a result of fraudulent claims regarding “goods lost in transit,” with the average claim costing £40 (€48m-$52m). Footasylum already has its own fraud-detection tools built in to its payment-processing system and supplements these with machine learning analytics at checkout. CDO will complement its existing capabilities.