Footway, the Swedish online shoe retailer, plans to launch a new e-commerce platform around the middle of the fourth quarter. The platform is based on a common global infrastructure to which all the group’s e-stores will be connected. The company runs the stores Footway, Sportamore, Brandos and Solestory. The move will enable it to reduce complexity as well as lower costs and improve data collection. The company pointed out that the new platform will also make it easier to roll out the stores in new markets.

As part of the initiative, the Swedish group has entered into cooperation agreements with the service providers Ingrid and Loop54.

Ingrid will provide customers with delivery alternatives based on factors such as the items bought, how fast the client wants the delivery and distance. Thanks to Loop54, Footway can offer a personalized experience. Loop54 has been working for several years with Sportamore, a Swedish sports e-tailer that Footway bought earlier this year.

Footway also extended an agreement with PostNord regarding the logistics facility in Helsingborg, where approximately half of its logistics are handled. The deal increase’s the company’s storage and handling capacity by 25 percent.

Footway has also started integrating the Helsingborg hub with Sportamore’s warehouse in Kjula.