Joel Travers, a former French executive of Wolverine World Wide who is also an agent of foreign shoes brands at his own company Sacamalice, believes in the power of scents to stimulate customers to buy certain types of products in the stores, in the same way that music and visual interior design do.

Travers has become president of the French subsidiary of Air Creative, a company specializing in olfactory marketing. Air Creative is a Swiss company that works on neutralising odors, rather than masking them, without using chemical elements. A different scent is created for each client; Air Creative develops the scent by determining which fragrances would be best adapted to the environment and the type of products being sold.

Travers equipped the welcome area of Mess Around, the trade fair for fashion shows that took place in Paris on Sept. 5-7, and the VIP area of Who’s Next, the trade show for youthful, trendy fashion brands that took place in Paris at the same time. At Who’s Next, Travers also had an Air Creative stand.

Omega and Esprit in France have already signed up, and Travers is in discussion with Dorotennis. In Switzerland and Germany, stores such as those of Salamander, Migros, Triumph, Hugo Boss and Intersport are all equipped with Air Creative’s devices.

Sacamilice has distribution or agency contracts with footwear brands such as Kowalski, La Martina and Hudson.