From March 2013, Mirapodo, the German online shoe retailer launched by Otto Group a few years ago, will be a subsidiary owned at 100 percent by myToys, an online retailer of toys that is also owned by Otto and that has diversified its offerings into children's clothing and other children's items. Its annual sales are said to be upward of €200 million, but those of Mirapodo could not be learnt. Until now, Mirapodo was a subsidiary of the Baur Group, another unit of Otto that controls SportScheck and other operations. The change opens new possibilities for synergies, for example through the common use of IT systems and by unifying administrative processes, logistics and purchasing. MyToys has many years of experience in e-commerce and its warehouse logistics are well developed. In 2011-12, myToys recorded total sales of €240 million and expects a two-digit increase in the current business year. Since 2006, myToys acts as a multi-channel retailer with 13 permanent stores in Germany.