The Rosenheim-based company has acquired the trademark rights for Snipe, the Spanish brand of young fashion footwear, for all the countries except for Spain. The Snipe name was owned by Ernesto Segarra from Castellón, whose company eventually went belly-up, but Segarra continues to market Snipe shoes in Spain.

Gabor aims to keep its new brand as an independent unit. The link will be Heiner Terbuyken, who already acts as the responsible manager for Gabor’s Camel Active brand and who will be in charge of Snipe as well.

The Segarra family has made footwear since the early 19th century. Snipe is positioned as a brand that stands for sustainable products. Gabor is planning the re-launch of the brand for spring-summer 2010. The idea is to enlarge Snipe’s offer with bags or apparel through license agreements.