Galaxus, a Swiss online retailer, has sealed a partnership with Vögele Shoes and Surf4shoes that will more than double the shoe range that it is offering for sale. Before the partnership, the portal offered 8,000 shoe models online. This will now be boosted to 19,000 styles of women's, men's and children's shoes with Vögele Shoes contributing 600 models and Surf4shoes 10,500. Galaxus is part of Digitec Galaxus, which itself is part of the cooperative Migros Group. Galaxus, which currently offers 1.6 million items via its portal, is the largest Swiss online shop. The company intends to boost the number of items available on its portal to over 2 million by the middle of 2018, according to Florian Teuteberg, the chief executive of Digitec Galaxus.