Rolf Senoner, a 48-year-old executive who has spent 20 years with Bata in various leading positions in Asia and Europe, has been appointed by Garant Schuh + Mode as the new general manager of its Swiss buying group, ESGE Garant, to which about 270 shoe and sporting goods shops are affiliated. He takes on the position previously held by Jakob Jehli, who left the group recently.

Acting through its new direct retailing subsidiary, Salamander, Garant has also placed under new management some 70 wholly owned footwear stores operating in Switzerland under different banners. Both operations will be housed in ESGE’s headquarters in Spreitenbach’s Fashion Order Mall, reporting to the group’s top boss, Kurt Merse.

Previously run independently of each other from various locations, the group’s three networks of wholly owned stores in Switzerland – CMSA Calzature Moderne, Fricker and Pasito - have been integrated into a single company, leading to numerous layoffs and to substantial savings. A former property of ESGE, CSMA was running a small chain of Get-In stores. Salamander had taken over Fricker well before Garant’s takeover of the Salamander brand to have a presence in Switzerland. Garant followed up recently with the acquisition of Pasito, which trades also under the Pedrino banner. Fricker’s network has been repositioned and split into 25 fashion-oriented stores called Andrea by Fricker and 15 value-oriented Bazar stores.

Called Salamander Schuh (Schweiz), the new firm that will operate all these stores will be run by a management trio composed of Romeo Calderone, a long-time manager of ESGE; Ingrid De Giacomi, previously with Fricker; and Werner Aerni, formerly with Pasito. Hanns Fricker is set to leave the group. One of Pasito’s former managers, Hans Ulrich Wernli, left after Garant’s takeover.