Garant Schuh + Mode was supposed to be declared today fit to come out of its insolvency, but this will probably be announced only next week. A court in Düsseldorf endorsed last Nov. 14 the insolvency plan approved at an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting last March 8, but it had to wait for two weeks during which any of Garant’s creditors could have opposed it. The court has already set aside some claims that had been laid against the shareholders’ decisions. The final step should be an ordinary meeting of Garant’s shareholders due to take place on Dec. 19. The resolutions on the agenda include a refusal to discharge the responsibilities that Kurte Merse, former chairman of Garant, and several other members of the supervisory board must bear for the financial problems of the buying group in 2004 and 2005. Shareholders will also be asked to authorize future capital increases in addition to those that have already been decided.